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The largest selection for mountaineers!

Going to the mountains? Enjoy a trip to the Alps, Giant or just a long walk around the neighbourhood with international
brands’ products.

Visit Fashion Arena Prague Outlet from 12th until 18th of January and enjoy the unbelievable offers on winter sportswear, that will help you dress up from the thermal underwear to the skies!

Winter hiking can be even more entertaining with quality equipment that never goes out of style. Fashion Arena Prague Outlet offers largest selection of functional clothes and other equipment for winter sports and relaxation from the world of sports and outdoor brands at great outlet prices with additional discounts on top of the outlet prices!


Get inspired by a wide range such as Alpine Pro, Columbia, Hannah, Helly Hansen, Kilpi, Nordblanc, O'Neill, Salomon, Wellensteyn and many others. Find high-quality equipment for downhill skiing and cross-country skiing, trendy outfits for winter sport activities as well as relaxation or functional pieces for winter mountain tours for great prices. Fashion Arena Prague Outlet offers quality winter clothing and other products for kids as well so they will be warm even in the biggest snowball fight. 

Classic downhill skiing 

Downhill skiing is the king of winter sports. Whether you go skiing occasionally or you are a staunch believer in going down the white slopes, you need to rely on quality equipment of world sports brands at great outlet prices!

Women's thermal leggings Nordblanc, original price: 895 CZK, outlet price: 626 CZK, women's ski boots Salomon, original price: 10 390 CZK, outlet price: 7 270 CZK, sports kidney bag Victorinox, original price: 689 CZK, outlet price 482 CZK, blue hat Horsefeathers, original price: 499 CZK, outlet price: 349 CZK, blue men's jacket Peak Performance, original price: 19 999 CZK, outlet price: 5 999 CZK, skiing goggles Rip Curl, original price: 3 199 CZK, outlet price: 2 239 CZK, pink helmet Rip Curl, original price: 3 499 CZK, outlet price: 2 449 CZK, women's skiing jacket Columbia, original price: 6 599 CZK, outlet price: 4 619 CZK, ski poles Salomon, original price: 2 390 CZK, outlet price: 1 670 CZK, downhill skis Salomon, original price: 13 690 CZK, outlet price: 9 580 CZK

To cross-country skiing

Discover the beauty of white tracks in high-quality functional clothing and equipment brands. Get the right speed.

Women's sport mentol vest Nordblanc, original price: 2 295 CZK, outlet price: 1 605 CZK, cross-contry skiing boots Salomon, original price: 7 990 CZK, outlet price: 5 590 CZK, yellow bag Samsonite, original price: 5 499 CZK, outlet price: 3 849 CZK, black hat Helly Hansen, original price: 650 Kč, outlet price: 460 CZK, cross-country skis Salomon, original price: 6 190 CZK, outlet price: 4 330 CZK, yellow sports hoodie Columbia, original price: 2 199 CZK, outlet price: 1 539 CZK, blue leggings Salomon, original price: 3 990 CZK, outlet price: 2 790 CZK

Snowboard freestyle

Enjoying winter freestyle ride on prepared slopes or do you prefer freedom in freshly fallen show? Whether one way or other Fashion Arena Outlet Prague finds the right equipment for your winter adventure.

Black snowboard helmet Rip Curl, original price: 4 999 CZK, outlet price: 3 499 CZK, snowboard goggles Rip Curl, original price: 1 750 CZK, outlet price: 1 225 CZK, women's snowboard jacket Billabong, original price: 4 860 CZK, outlet price: 3 400 CZK, Billabong hat, original price: 750 CZK, outlet price: 520 CZK, blue men's snowboard pants Billabong, original price: 3 400 CZK, outlet price: 3 010 CZK, women's pants Helly Hansen, original price: 5 290 CZK, outlet price: 2 390 CZK, men's grey snowboard jacket Horsefeathers, original price: 3 899 CZK, outlet price: 2 728 CZK, grey backpack O’Neill, original price: 1 890 CZK, outlet price: 1 323 CZK

Trekking in winter

Winter trekking starts at Fashion Arena Outlet Prague. Trekking may not only be summer fun. You can explore the natural beauty even in winter, well equip with functional and trekking clothing to you can enjoy warm and dry even in worse weather conditions.

Green jacket Alpine Pro, original price: 5 499 CZK, outlet price: 1 799 CZK, women's outdoor boots Alpine Pro, original price: 2 199 CZK, outlet price: 699 CZK, grey men's outdoor boots Helly Hansen, original price: 3 190 CZK, outlet price: 2 230 CZK, men's blue jacket Fox, original price: 5 129 CZK, outlet price: 3 748 CZK, O’Neill hat, original price: 990 CZK, outlet price: 396 CZK, black outdoor pants Alpine Pro, original price: 1 399 CZK, outlet price: 899 CZK, men's blue jacket Wellensteyn, original price: 8 069 CZK, outlet price: 5 103 CZK

Winter fun

Snow is white source of endless adventure and fun for every child. Much more fun there is to enjoy before set off. Fashion Arena Prague Outlet offers quality functional clothing at great outlet prices.

Children's jacket Nordblanc, original price: 1 695 CZK, outlet price: 1 185 CZK, winter pants Nordblanc, original price: 1 595 CZK, outlet price: 625 CZK, children's pink fleece overall Columbia, original price: 1 099 CZK, outlet price: 769 CZK, blue children's hoodie O’Neill, original price: 1 090 CZK, outlet price: 699 CZK, thermobag Kipling, original price: 1 890 CZK, outlet price: 1 323 CZK, Delsey backpack, original price: 1 650 CZK, outlet price: 999 CZK