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The Le Creuset company was founded in 1925 in France. Currently it holds a 65% share of the cast iron cookware in the world market. 90% of its production is exported to 60 countries around the world.
In the store you will find cast-iron pans, pots, smooth and grill pans, grates, and also woks, fondue pots and tagine in many beautiful colors. These vivid colors can be combined with a wide range of products made from stoneware - you can choose from mugs, teapots, bowls, plates and other baking dishes. Furthermore, in Le Creuset you can get professional stainless steel cookware, nonstick pans, pots and kettles (again in our vibrant colors), high quality wine and champagne openers along with many bar accessories. Recently, high-quality nonstick baking sheets and baking molds have also become available.

Special offer


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20% discount

July discounts

You will find selected products from cast iron and earthenware with up to 20% discount of the outlet price until the end of July. You will get 20% discount of the outlet price when purchasing 4 or more stainless dishes as well.

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