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Geox shoes are shoes that breathe. The advanced micropore membrane allows feet to get air, while preventing water from entering the shoes. Strategically placed openings in the shoe sole allow moisture to wick out and air to flow in, no more stinky feet! The micropore membrane works to prevent water from entering, so your foot stays dry and comfortable.

You will also find the same in Geox outlet stores.

Special offer



590 CZK


311546 final sale 2017 akcni nabidka 55

27. 3. - 2. 4. 2017

Moccasins in different colours

Find red, black or brown moccasins with 69% discount of the outlet price for only 590 CZK at Geox store until the end of March.

55% additional discount off outlet prices on selected footwear

Enjoy shopping!

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