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Sarar is synonomous with women's and men's clothing made of fine quality fabrics for everyday wear and special occasions, stylish accessories and shoes.
The Sarar brand was founded in 1944 in the workshop of a humble Turkish tailor. Nowadays it sells clothing, footwear and other products on five continents and in more than 49 different countries. The company is leading the way in the men's and women's fashion thanks to excellent designers and fine fabrics. It is loved by those who want to be surrounded by stylish clothing in every moment of their life. The Turkish fashion giant Sarar has introduced its clothing style to four million fans all around the world. Since its establishment it maintains a unique style and craftsmanship.
Sarar brand can be found in the Czech Republic exclusively in the Fashion Arena.

Special offer



38% discount



55% discount

Suit + tie + shirt

Sarar offers selected suits, ties and shirts for only 5199 CZK with 38% discount of the outlet price. The offer is valid until the end of May.

Suits with vests

Get selected suits with vests for only 7199 CZK with 55% discount of the outlet price at Sarar store until the end of May.

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